Discover more at the Resort at Marble Hill by adding an unforgettable diving excursion to your adventure agenda. Choose from more than 20 dive sites on the serene northeast coast of Roatan.

Our dive shop is operated by Tropical Island Divers and includes 2 boats to support expedition dive adventures and PADI-certified instructors and dive masters. Our staff is certified to perform visual inspections of tanks and perform both preventative maintenance and repairs of regulators and BCDs. We also have aluminum tanks that can be refilled onsite daily.

Diving experiences must be scheduled in advance. Contact The Resort at Marble Hill to book your adventure.

Best Diving in Roatan

Unlike other areas of the island, which have mostly wall dives, your diving experience at The Resort at Marble Hill gives you access to the reef on the east end of Roatan, which has terraced shelving – leading to a huge variety of coral formations with many swim-through canyons, caves, and caverns. 

This means the diving is varied, fun, exciting, and unforgettable. 

One of our most spectacular dives, Dolphin’s Den is a cave teeming with life. The route from the mooring to the cave is over a shallow sandy bottom where many anemones, shrimps, crabs, fire-worms, pipe fish and upside-down jellyfish are to be found. King crabs and large green Moray Eels reside inside the cave, as well as many schools of fish. The highlight is a dolphin skeleton which is a natural feature. Many dolphin skeletons have appeared over the years but gradually wash out and scatter. Now one skeleton remains. The cave has many compartments, some open to the surface and some enclosed: there is usually light streaming in from openings to the surface, but a torch is essential for this dive.

Depth: The maximum depth is 55 feet. The majority of the dive is spent at 20-40 feet.  Difficulty: Intermediate

This dive site has excellent conditions and visibility. There are striking canyons running through the reef and large coral boulders to swim around. This site always has many spotted drums, toadfish, spotted garden eels, and turtles.

Depth: The reef has a plateau at 15 feet then drops down a wall to a sandy bottom at a max depth of 60 feet. 
The Mongoose is one of our most popular dives. This adventure is a cavern leading through the reef. Unlike a cave, this cavernous space is large and open to the surface, with a fringing reef at the top allowing light to stream in. The dive starts on the inside of the reef and follows through the cavern to a second mooring on the outside. There are many clusters of lobsters, barracuda, midnight parrotfish, snappers, and moray eels.

Depth: The maximum depth is 80 feet -although the majority of the cavern is shallower (40-60 feet). Experience Level: Intermediate
Being very close to the East end of the island, this site is different every time, with a host of different creatures. Sometimes spotted eagle rays and turtles are seen here, as well as large barracuda, trunk fish and puffer fish. There is a long, dramatic canyon at 40 feet which leads back to the mooring line.

Depth: The maximum depth is usually 60 feet, though depths of 100 feet  can be reached.
One of our few wall dives, Punta Blanca has a large sand patch at 35 feet making it ideal for those easing back into diving. The wall often has a lone barracuda patrolling it. There are spotted drum and spotted moray eels to be found, as well as rays and flounders in the sandy area.

Depth: Usually 60 feet, but the wall descends to a sandy area at 100 feet.
This dive site is situated close to Paya Bay and has a combination of coral formations and sandy bottoms. This means anything can be seen including rays, nurse sharks, spotted drum and toadfish.

Depth: Usually 60 feet
This popular excursion takes you to the most dramatic wall dive on Roatan. The hour-long boat journey takes you through the mangrove cut, giving you a chance to see rarely seen wildlife, such as saltwater alligators and cranes. Morat Wall is situated away from the shore, and the low population levels on the surrounding land mean this site is in almost pristine condition. There are huge numbers of fish, free-swimming green morays and rare species to be found here. The mooring leads to a sand patch at 35-40 feet. Then the wall drops off as far as the eye can see. It is possible to surface at a nearby dock or to go to Jade Beach on Barberetta. This beach is beautiful and tranquil, making a great spot for lunch & relaxation between dives. The second dive can then be a drift dive off Barberetta, or a return to Morat Wall, before heading for home.

Depth: Usually 60 feet but any depth can be reached.
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Explore one of the most popular diving destinations in the Caribbean. Located in The Bay Islands, Roatan, The Resort at Marble Hill is more than 26 acres of tropical gardens and breathtaking ocean views. Divers have access to the quieter side of Roatan's northeast coast and multiple dive sites customized to your level of experience.